Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fabulous Playhouse Warming Party

I found this absolutely adorable Playhouse House Warming and just had to share it-what an inspiration!   Julie,  at Kinser Event Company  has definitely become one of my favorite blogs!  Julie's husband created this gorgeous Victorian playhouse for their daughter, Hannah, and Julie made the inside look party perfect!  Her daughter Hannah is one lucky little girl!

pink crown
Please look at Julie's other fabulous blogs over at Kinser Event Planning!
Look at this adorable playhouse-such a vision!

The inside of this house is so simple, yet elegant.  Perfect for a precious little Princess...

The ribbon-cutting made this event extra special-so sweet!

So gorgeous-so much attention to every little detail!

The food looked soooo good!

pink crownpink crownpink crown
Shabby Chic elegant....

LOVE the cake!!

What a lucky little girl-this Mommy did a great job!  It's beautiful Julie!!!

Once again, this gorgeous playhouse was featured at Kinser Event Company!  Check out her other exquisite ideas-I know I will!