Saturday, September 27, 2014

Clouston Hall Sampler Found

Clouston Hall, located in Franklin, Tennessee was the home to Margarett A. Clouston, who lived to be 92 years old. Her father,Edward Graham Clouston, local dry goods store owner and druggist, had the federal style  home designed for his family in 1821 by Joseph Reiff.  Margarett was born only three years later on June 21, 1824. The Tennessee Sampler Survey website has a brief biography of Margarett:
Margaret Ann Clouston (1824-1916) had easy access to embroidery supplies as her father, Edward G. Clouston, owned a dry goods store which advertised “an Assortment of Fancy Goods” including silks, merinos, and Irish linens. Margaret received her education at the Franklin Female Academy.
The site goes on to describe Margarett's recently found sampler:
Margaret's sampler represents a transition from the earlier silk samplers to the wool samplers of the mid 19th Century. Her choice of borders includes queen stitched strawberries, an ancient pattern that can be found on 16th Century English needlework.

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