Saturday, November 22, 2014

Battle of Franklin Reenactment 150th Anniversary

My husband Rob took this fantastic picture during the Battle of Franklin Reenactment last week. I just had to share a few he's finished editing-needless to say, I'm a big fan! 
Robs really great at capturing the emotion of different moments...

Like this Union Soldier, awaiting the Battle.
These southern belles just happened to be gathered in the front yard of Carnton Plantation. Exquisite. I've decided to buy one of these outfits to wear to next years reenactment.
So gorgeous-the Union troops entering the Eastern Flank Battlefield on the grounds of the Carnton Plantation in Franklin, Tennessee.
Another one of the faces of the Union Soldiers...

A lady in beautiful mourning wear...
A lone cannon with the American flag
A confederate reenactor-the authenticity of the efforts of these men made this experience so wonderful for us. We can't wait to attend our next reenactment now!
This picture Rob took of these  Union soldiers was taken in the very realistic campsite.
General Grant was just perfect
I love this picture, and I'm just thrilled that this reenactor was kind enough to play it up for the camera. Great job on capturing this look Rob.
Last, but not least-Honest Abe. This guy truly made you feel like you were standing next to President Abraham Lincoln. I'm such a history nerd, it made me weak in the knees. I said last, but that was just for the pictures Rob meticulously labored over. This one below, he also took, but it was on my phone. Of course, this made my day. 
You can check back here for more postings about the Battle of Franklin 150th anniversary event photos. If you'd like to see more of my husbands photography, you can check him out on Facebook under Rob Clutsam Photography.

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